Downtown, Cheese makes it all better

Downtown Cheese, where kind men, knowledgeable in all things coagulated, fermented, aged, cultured and ripened, will hand you tiny spoons tipped with exotic cheeses that will unfurl in your mouth and make you mmmmmm. Where the delicacies on offer will overwhelm your senses and make you wish you, like the bovine whose product you’re sampling, had more than one stomach. But pictures are worth more than words. And at Downtown Cheese, the neon lights sure are pretty.

Recommended: going to Downtown Cheese with no idea of what you want except vague adjectives and sketchy descriptions of food–I tried ‘not too crumbly or as strong as a bleu, but that would go well with a salad, with no meat, and maybe walnuts’ and walked away with an amazing creamy goat-like cheese ripened in roquefort mold ash that was perfect for my salad.

About Mary Rizzo

No denying it, I like the sensual things of the world, especially good food and drink, though I'm no snob when it comes to either. A background in American cultural history and food studies makes me approach the world with a desire for contextualization and connection on the way to synthesis.
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