Vote for my film on Vimeo

update! our movie was chosen as one of the top ten finalists and was shown at the Philadelphia Film Festival! thank you to anyone who voted for us (and if you didn’t than you’re dead to me).

hi all.. this blog has been a bit defunct as i’ve been focused on work, but i wanted to let anyone who’s reading this know that my partner and i made a short film and entered it into the philadelphia film society’s short film contest. if you go to vimeo, create an account (literally takes 15 seconds) and like it, we may get our film screened at the fest!

it’s called Kiss and Sell ( and it’s a “no-wave tone poem about loss and longing in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.” or something like that! let me know what you think and thanks for voting.


About Mary Rizzo

No denying it, I like the sensual things of the world, especially good food and drink, though I'm no snob when it comes to either. A background in American cultural history and food studies makes me approach the world with a desire for contextualization and connection on the way to synthesis.
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