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Simple Pleasures–The Grill at Smuckers

Good coffee (or a decaf americano for me). Bread with some chew. A place to sit and read the free weekly for a few minutes. I’ve got to add another item to my list of simple pleasures: a bacon, egg, … Continue reading

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Ah Mon Petit (creperie)

Flour tortillas. Corn tortillas. Rice paper. Pita bread. Ravioli dough. Anthropologists may have missed the one thing that connects all human cultures–the need to wrap food up in little packages. And crepes! How could I forget them, especially when I … Continue reading

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Romancing the Stone (fruit, that is): Iovine Brother’s Produce Corner

The pretty blond girl behind the cash register seemed to be keeping her own in what was clearly a flirty conversation with two customers at Iovine Brother’s Produce Corner. I couldn’t quite hear exactly, but it sounded like they asked … Continue reading

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